FORUM POPRAD Shopping Centre

developer GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o.

LOCATION Poprad, Slovakia

Construction commenced 2014

Completion and approval 2015


img-0350.jpg img-0385.jpg img-0417.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi2.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi3.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi4.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi5.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi6.jpg nakupni-centrum-forum-poprad-slavnostni-otevreni-gemo-multi7.jpg

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Project Description

On an area of 22,500 m2, the FORUM Poprad Shopping Centre will offer over 100 shops, a supermarket (1,300 m2) and parking spaces for 450 cars. Cafés and restaurants with outdoor terraces will provide a lovely view of the High Tatra Mountains.

The shopping centre is located near the historic city centre, where it will replace the defunct department store from the year 1987. The new building will fit in with the urban structure and it will improve the architectural value of one of the most beautiful and most lively locations in Poprad.

The basic idea behind the shopping centre is the renewal of the city centre and the creation of modern shops and leisure facilities near the city's pedestrian zone. It is a modern urban shopping centre with a great strategic location, easily accessible for pedestrians as well as for individual and public transport

investor GEMO HOLDING, a.s., a member of the GEMO Group, Multi Veste 332 B.V.
Building Contractor GEMO a.s.