Nová Karolina Residence

developer GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o.

LOCATION Moravská Ostrava, Location Nová Karolina

Construction commenced 11/2010

Completion and approval 06/2013


rezidence-nova-karolina15.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina16.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina8.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina-prodej-vzorovy-byt2.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava1.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava2.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava3.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava4.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava6.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava5.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava8.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava7.jpg rezidence-n5.jpg rezidence-n3.jpg rezidence-n2.jpg rezidence-n1.jpg rezidence-n.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava9.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava10.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava11.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava12.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava13.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava14.jpg prodej-byty-rezidence-nova-karolina-ostrava15.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina12.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina14.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina9.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina13.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina10.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina11.jpg rezidence-nova-karolina7.jpg

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Project Description

The Nová Karolina Residence is a part of the first phase of the renewal of the southern part of Ostrava. Modern apartment housing in Nová Karolina is recommended for those who want to live near the city centre, close to cultural events, municipal institutions, shopping centres and entertainment centres. It also offers housing in a quiet and private residence with timeless design, elaborate details and modern equipment which was designed by experienced and renowned architects. The entire Nová Karolina Residence complex has the approximate shape of the letter "C". It consists of several sections with different layouts and heights, which are well connected together and complement one another. Shopping units are located on the ground floor: a total of 12 commercial units for services, retail and administration, including two restaurants. The other floors feature housing units of various sizes (from studio flats up to four-room apartments with large terraces). A total of 242 apartments have been built. Two underground floors in the courtyard are designed to provide parking for the residents. There are a total of 244 parking spaces. Some ground-floor apartments have small gardens allowing direct contact with the quiet environment inside the green courtyard. The designers also thought of appropriate park landscaping – including mature vegetation, park furniture and a children's playground.

Activities implemented

Concept, feasibility and project financing, project coordination and project management, activities associated with the establishment of a special project company, sale of building plot, site preparation, complete project documentation of all phases, complete engineering activities for the zoning decision, building permit and final building approval, implementation of construction, engineering supervision, professional activities related to administration and maintenance, commercial activities and real estate activities.

investor New Karolina Residential Development, s.r.o.
Building Contractor GEMO a.s.