Olomouc Technology Park / Hall G2

developer GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o.

LOKALITA Olomouc-Hněvotín (Phase I), Exit 37 from the R46 highway, to the south-west of Olomouc (7 km from the city centre)

Termín zahájení výstavby autumn 2013

Termín dokončení a kolaudace 2013-2015


tpo-cel-zcna.jpg tpo-hala-g2.jpg tpoh-hala-g2-2.jpg tpoh-hala-g2-3.jpg tpoh-hala-g2-4.jpg tpoh-hala-g2-6.jpg tpoh-hala-g2-8.jpg tpo-hala-g2-11.jpg

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Popis projektu

The rental property is in Phase I of the developed area. Hall corresponding to the usual standard, designed for light production and storage, with an optional built-in administrative unit. The building is designed with an emphasis on maximum flexibility and efficiency, allowing for additional modifications and adaptations suited to the individual needs of its tenants. Total usable floor area: 19,689 m2. Units from 2,500 m2 for storage, offices, production areas or showrooms. The hall is implemented in two phases.

Prováděné činnosti

Concept, feasibility and project financing, project coordination and project management, activities associated with the establishment of a special project company, sale of building plot, site preparation, complete project documentation of all phases, complete engineering activities for the zoning decision, building permit and final building approval, implementation of construction, engineering supervision, professional activities related to administration and maintenance of the park, commercial activities.

investor TPO hala G2 a.s.
dodavatel stavby GEMO a.s.