Vila Park Tabulový Vrch

developer GEMO DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o.

LOKALITA Olomouc – Nová Ulice

Termín zahájení výstavby winter 2018

Termín dokončení a kolaudace summer 2019 (I. etapa)


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Popis projektu

Tabulový Vrch is typical for its countryside atmosphere, which is respected by the whole conception. The goal is to create an area with flourishing green vegetation, bringing residents numerous positives from cleaner air and quiet neighbourhood to high level of privacy.

Apartment buildings are divided into five blocks creating individual phases and complexes centralized around a private yard. Each block possesses slightly different architecture and it is created by a group of six to nine buildings which sit on a common base offering extensive underground residential parking lots, cellars and a technical rooms.

The above ground floors provide at most three flats on each floor. This means the common areas are shared by only six to nine housing units whose elaborated and cosy layout drives the spirit of the whole complex allowing their inhabitants to feel relaxed and satisfied.  The locality is going to accommodate in total 336 housing units ranging from one to four bedroom flats and five commercial units. Every main bedroom opens into spacey loggias and all ground floor flats are endowed with own private backyard and patio.

A central spacious park area, situated among the particular blocks, brings in the unique touch of serene and calm atmosphere. Owning to large green areas with solitary trees leaving whole location airy and well-arranged the layout is simple and grandiose together.  

The final touch of the whole urban structure is a sports and recreational pathway great for morning jogging, afternoon walks or skating with children. Of course the architects did not forget about sports and playgrounds and places for relaxation.

The whole area was designed for you by a renowned architectural studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS s.r.o., which has gained numerous awards and whose immaculate designs can be found literally everywhere from Antarctica (Switzerland)to Chile


Prováděné činnosti

Conception, feasibility study and project financing, coordination and project management, steps linked with foundation of a special project company (SPC), plot sale, area preparation, ensuring the project documentation on all levels, complete engineering services necessary to gain zoning permit, construction permit and final inspection approval, management of the construction, client’s technical supervision, expert services related to maintenance and building management, business and real-estate activities.

investor Vila Park Tabulový Vrch Olomouc s.r.o.
dodavatel stavby GEMO a.s.